200 Chickens Seized From Plainville Home

A Plainville, Conn., couple could face criminal charges after authorities discovered nearly 200 diseased chickens packed into their home in what the Department of Agriculture called "one of the most extreme cases that you will see of this type of animal hoarding."

Authorities said the birds were cooped up in a house on North Washington Street. The animals were all infected with a highly contagious respiratory disease and were euthanized Friday.

“There was no threat to humans,” said Steven Jensen, of the state Department of Agriculture, “but the conditions in the house were so unsanitary that the house was quarantined and the homeowners were evicted.”

The homeowners, a husband and wife who are now staying with relatives, said raising chickens was their hobby. Authorities said the couple could be charged with animal neglect and abuse.

Although the house on North Washington Street has not been officially condemned, authorities expect it to be knocked down.

"The conditions inside the house were very unsanity," Jensen explained. "They were chickens living throughout the house, anywhere from chicks to mature in every room of the house.

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