Instagram Readied for Google Play

blaireloveshoes // via Instagram

Instagram, the requisite photo application for iPhone users, is now coming to Android and Google Play.

Kevin Systrom, an Instagram co-founder, showed off a prototype of the app running on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus at SXSW, and said that "in some ways, it's better than our iPhone app," according to The Verge. 

The free photo app now has 27 million users and will likely garner a few more million on the new platform. However, many sources felt that it was time to take Google Play down a peg (the old Android Market) by following up the story with Mika Mobile announcing it would drop support for its Battleheart app because its wasn't cost-effective for Android. This led to the inevitable discussion about how Android users are cheapskates and iPhone users are an app developer's dream.
We like to point out that comparing iPhone users and Android phone users is futile. iPhone users tend to be older and wealthier (67 percent of iPhone users make $200,000 a year or more,) while Android users are younger and often less affluent. Then if you add the fact that Android developers make their apps more expensive than on iTunes -- $3.74 versus $1.47 -- it doesn't make for a particularly good business plan.
However, Instagram is a free app and won't be affected by cost. Now if only Instagram can make money off of their app . . . 
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