Instagram Doesn't Play Nice With Twitter

Instagram photos are now posting on Twitter cropped or skewed, and some reports are saying that it's not a coincidence.
The company notified users on Wednesday that Instagram would no longer integrate with Twitter cards and that they would now appear cropped, according to AllThingsD. But is it really surprising that the now Facebook-owned Instagram isn't playing nice with Twitter, its biggest competition in the social media arena?
“We want to direct users to where the content lives originally,” Instagram chief Kevin Systrom said at the LeWeb conference in Paris Wednesday. “Where do you go to interact with [an Instagram] image? We want that to be because that’s a better user experience.”
Apparently Instagram has been boosting and promoting its website, and now it's one of the few places users can see full photos. We expect to see more of these power plays between Facebook and Twitter in the near future.
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