iPad is the PC’s Biggest Foe

Getty Images

A tech analyst said that the iPhone and iPad are killing off the PC market and pointed to the first hard evidence of the phenomenon in schools.

While Mac shipments to schools fell 0.1 percent, PC sales fell 13.9 percent, what Charlie Wolf of Needham & Company calls "definitive evidence" that the iPad is eating up PC sales, according to Fortune. The proof? Apple sold about a million iPads to schools.

Wolf also suggested that Mac will do better than PCs simply because of iOS crossover.

"Notwithstanding its premium prices compared to the prices of Windows PCs," Wolf wrote, "we expect that the Mac will continue to grow faster than the PC market, propelled by the twin halo effects emanating from the iPhone and iPad."

One analyst doesn't make a trend, but Wolf's sentiments are similar to several others before him. The iPad has made some serious inroads into business and should be taken as a substantial threat to the PC market. Unless manufacturers start making some competitive tablet computers to battle Apple, they could possibly not just lose the battle but also the war..

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