IPad Mini Rumors Get Louder

Apple is working on a mini iPad that would sell for around $299, a price that would make it competitive with Amazon's Kindle Fire -- and keep Apple in the e-book game.

According to a translation from the website, Kotaku, Apple's Chinese supply chain is preparing 6 million for launch by September. But what would an iPad Mini look like anyway? According to reports, the typical iPad 9.7-inch display would be whittled down to a 7.86-inch screen, which is too big to fit in one's pocket and may be too small for serious gamers or downloaders.

So who is this iPad Mini for? It seems Apple is going after Amazon's base because the Kindle Fire has a 7-inch display, and bigger is always better, right?  Apple seems to believe those using an Amazon Kindle or Kindle Fire will be charmed and wooed away by the iOS, especially when it's half the price.

Sure, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs disliked the idea, but he's no longer the head of Apple. Perhaps it's time that Apple took some risks in the tablet market and compete head-to-head with Amazon, rather than with any shifty backroom deals.

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