iPhone 4 Siri Hack Warning!

Notable hacker reports a Siri-ous issue with hack

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Yesterday the news broke that it was possible to get a fully functioning Siri on older jailbroken iPhones.  Less than 24 hours later, tech blogs are strongly advising against running this work-around.

Several blogs yesterday posted vids of people running a full version of Siri on their iPhone 4's, which, officially, do not support the feature. If users were fine with jailbreaking their phones, (and probably voiding their warranties in the process) they could have all the bells and whistles as iPhone 4GS users. 

But there are a couple of catches.

First,  the hack, called H1Siri which comes from a Chinese group calling themselves CD-Dev Team, uses copyrighted code.

Ok, so chances are, if a user is hacking their phone, they're probably fine with using illegal code, but one might be more concerned with the second catch.

The big issue users should be aware of, is that when using the H1Siri hack, all personal information gets sent to someone in China.

TechCrunch reports that hacker @chpwn has confirmed jall email, SMS, contacts, calendars, as well as location are all being sent to servers in China. 

These are probably pretty good reasons to avoid this hack for now.

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