iPhone 5 Easy to Scratch: User Forums

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Given the negative reaction to this week's iOS 6 Maps app, Apple could use a positive redirect toward the new iPhone 5 -- except the phone's already getting some negative feedback, too, albeit in online forums.

Pocket-Lint has reported that the thinner glass panel on the front "has affected the design of the metal band around the edge." That leads to noticeable wear already, according to them. The thinner glass also allows for easier scratching, according to one post.

Those seem like a genuine critique and could be a concern for some users.

The forum posts are a little more, um, anecdotal.

. Of course, that person apparently took a key to the cover, which, in fairness is silly extreme.

One other commenter offered a solution: "I have two pockets for a reason. iPhone in one, everything else in the other."

Another wonders if the glass would crack if you drop the phone.

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