Why You Shouldn't Listen to Tech Pundits

For months and months everyone and their email-savvy grandmothers thought they had the 'exclusive' story on what we'd hear about today at the Apple event.

Most people predicted the iPhone 5, while some others claimed they knew the official Facebook iPad app was coming, some claimed Sprint was going to get the REAL iPhone 5.

The good folks over at Valleywag put together a list of all the places that got it wrong. And it's a pretty long list, which includes some fairly reputable sources.

  • "Facebook to Launch iPad App at Apple's iPhone 5 Event [EXCLUSIVE]" Nope. [Mashable]
  • "The design of the phone is set to radically change... there are strong indications that Apple will surprise a public that's expecting a bump more along the lines of the 3G to 3GS." [This Is My Next]
  • "Apple... is aiming to launch by the end of September, said people familiar with the situation. These people said the new iPhone is expected to be similar to the current iPhone 4, but thinner and lighter..." [WSJ]
  • "Sprint will be getting the iPhone 5 - yes the real iPhone 5, not the iPhone 4S - as an exclusive." (Sprint got the iPhone 4s as a non exclusive.) [Boy Genius Report]
  • "iPhone 5 Cases Suggest a Much Larger Device with a 4 inch Screen" [MacRumors]
  • "New iPhone 5 cases indicate a thinner but half inch wider and longer frame." [9to5 Mac]
  • "iPhone 5 to have radical new design according to Case-Mate images." [Boy Genius Report]
  • "It's nice to see that Apple evolved the form of its flagship device. The iPhone 5 isn't much of a departure from the 4, but it's just skinnier enough to make a fat difference... This [review]... is a little, uhm, hacked-together, but I'll bet you it's not going to differ significantly from the... reviews that come out next week." [Gizmodo]
  • There'll be multiple models of 'iPhones' because Al Gore said so! [The Next Web, Gawker]
  • "As iPhone 5 Launch Nears, an NFC Chip Looks Increasingly Likely" [ReadWriteWeb]
  • "Services based on 'Near-Field Communication...' [are] due to be embedded in the next iteration of the iPhone... likely to be introduced this year." No NFC. [Bloomberg, quoting top billed source]
  • "BGR has been given information from multiple Apple sources that could possibly sway the argument in favor of an imminent NFC-capable iPhone." Imminent! (No.) [Boy Genius Report]
  • "This Could Be What Apple's iPhone 5 Looks Like.... Assuming the leaked case designs are accurate, the iPhone 5 should be close in appearance to these renderings." Not a good assumption. [MacRumors]
  • "Is this the design for the upcoming iPhone 5? Probably. Maybe... We currently believe that the iPhone 5 will be thinner than the current generation, it'll also come with a larger 4 inch display." [Giga.de]
  • "The iPhone 5 Will Be Shaped Different From The iPhone 4." [iPhone5 Specs].
  • "What We're Expecting from the iPhone 5 — A New Design." You'd think blogs entirely devoted to the iPhone 5 would be more accurate. You'd be wrong. [iPhone 5 release]
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