iPhone 5S Coming in August

Jean Elle

Those jonesing for new Apple products may not have long to wait -- apparently April may bring a new generation iPad and a new iPad mini, with an iPhone 5S coming in August.

The new Apple products are currently being rushed to production, according to iMore using unnamed sources. The iPhone 5S will have a better camera in the same iPhone 5 slimmer casing. Not a huge change, but the S series isn't meant to reinvent the iPhone only augment it.

As for the April launch of the next iPads, there doesn't seem to be much change, either, although there is a suspected new spec to make them more attractive than current models. However, don't expect retina display on the mini, the report warns.

Now that Apple's stock has dropped a little, it's time for Apple to come out with a new product to goose its stock price. While the new iPhone 5S or new iPads seem a little lackluster, the event will still garner a media circus and much fanfare -- all things that will help Apple's brand and stock price.
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