Armie Hammer Probed for Eastwood's FBI Flick

Armie Hammer may be going from Facebook to mug shots.

The 24-year-old actor, who found his breakout role – or roles, since he was playing twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss – in “The Social Network,” tells PopcornBiz he’s on the brink of closing the deal to portray the early Federal Bureau of Investigation’s number two man.

“We are in, I'd say, final negotiation phases for doing Clint Eastwood's new project 'J. Edgar,'" says Hammer, “about J. Edgar Hoover who founded the FBI, and it's very exciting. I believe Leonardo Di Caprio will be playing J. Edgar Hoover, and I'm in talks to play Clyde Tolson, who is his best friend and confidant and, some say lover, through his life.”

Hammer says he’s always been fascinated by the old school FBI, “this sort of private, militarized detective force that was almost run by one man. How did it get that powerful? I guess he held onto the power by having blackmail on everybody.”

He says he’s thrilled at the prospect of working with the iconic Eastwood. “I couldn't think of another director that I'd be happier going to after working with David Fincher, to be perfectly honest. I think he's incredible, and he has a career that I could not venerate or want to emulate more.”

As for DiCaprio: “To be honest, he’s one of the best actors of our generation, so to get to work with him - I hope I don't look like an idiot! Ever since 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' I've, like, studied that guy.”

Since catching attention in “The Social Network,” Hammer reveals that his own social networking has been dramatically reduced.

“After the movie came out I just started to get bombarded with Friend requests from people and messages – a lot of people I didn't know. So I just canceled my Facebook after I finished. It died a noble death. Facebook and I broke up.”

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