It's Not Just COVID Relief: Smokey the Bear, Dalai Lama Included in Funding Bill

The quirky provisions were tucked into the massive spending package approved late Monday

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Congress on Monday passed a $1.4 trillion government spending measure that includes $900 billion in coronavirus relief, but is also chock-full of miscellaneous provisions, a massive year-end bill after months of inaction, NBC News reports.

The 5,593-page bill funds the government through September 2021 and provides $600 stimulus checks for qualifying families and individuals, enhanced unemployment and support for small businesses. It also touches on Smokey the Bear, horse racing and the Dalai Lama.

Some of these quirky provisions were in bills that had been introduced in Congress earlier in the year. But lawmakers often delay passing bills until the end of the year when they can be rolled into one massive spending bill as members face pressure to fund the government before heading home for the holidays.

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