It's Official: Google TV Flopped Really Hard

Did you hear the one about Google TV being a complete dismal disappointment and utter failure? No? Well, Logitech, the product's biggest supporter since launch says that returns for its Google TV Revue box are through the roof. Looks like Google TV is doing way worse than Apple's AppleTV hobby.

Google had big — no, HUGE plans for Google TV. It was supposed to bring together the best content on the Web into the living room's massive tele. It was supposed to bring web apps that didn't suck and an interface that could be upgraded rapidly to support new features.

What happened?

The train disaster that Google TV is can be summed up in one word: expensive.

Logitech sold its Revue box loaded up with Google TV software for a whopping $300, slashed down to $250 and then as of yesterday July 31, is now $100. Logitech wasn't the only company who followed Google blindly into the dark.

Sony did too. Its Google HDTVs cost a fortune. Originally priced at $600 for a 24-inch, $800 for a 32-inch, $1000 for a 40-inch and $1,400 for a 46-inch HDTV, Sony was nuts to think anybody would pay that much for one.

It also doesn't help that Google TV's interface is about as friendly some Chinese KIRF that mucked around with Android and that major networks started to block Google TV only days after the first supported products launched.

Apple TV, Boxee and Roku are all probably laughing their pants off right now.

But wait, there's still some shred of hope for Google TV yet. It needs to get that Honeycomb UI and Apps Marketplace pronto. If Google doesn't expedite that process, the platform is doomed for good.

With Larry Page now in charge of Google again, perhaps his swift action will carry Google TV back from its downward spiral.

The question is, will anybody even care by the time that happens?

UPDATE: Logitech clarified its statement regarding "more returns for the Revue than sales" as returns from distributors and retailers, and not returns from actual customers. Regardless, if retailers aren't even stocking the Revue, and sending back all units it bought, customers can't buy them — meaning demand for Google TV set-top boxes isn't exactly blowing up the living room.

Via Wired

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