Jake Gyllenhaal Coming to Michel Pena's Rescue at “End of Watch”

Michael Pena has been working steadily since the mid '90s, having given some incredible performances, but he's not yet gotten that role to earn him notice beyond the film nerd community. Fingers crossed, that role may be here.

Pena is in talks to star opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in "End of Watch," a cop drama that centers on the friendship between two longtime partners, reported Variety. The film is being written and directed by David Ayers, the man who penned "Training Day."

Pena's made a bunch of films of late that have tanked, stank or both. But his turn in "Observe and Report," as a junkie security guard who befriends Seth Rogen, is a masterclass in character acting. "Watch" sounds like the kind of film that could get his talents front and center.

Pena can next be seen May 6 in "Everything Must Go," as Will Ferrell's AA sponsor. It's semi-serious film based on a Raymond Carver story about a man who holds a five-day yard sale on his front lawn after getting kicked out by his wife.

Gyllenhaal, for his part, is coming off the disappointment of Source Code, in which his performance was very good, but not good enough to make the film a hit.

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