Jake Gyllenhaal Has Close Fan Encounter in SXSW Festival Bathroom

Guy gets a harsh lesson in fan etiquette

Not even the restroom can afford celebrities rest from their fans.

While attending a screening of his new film "Source Code" at the South-By-Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, Jake Gyllenhaal was photographed by a fan during a very private and vulnerable moment in the men's room.

"I think [the men's room] is an appropriate space to keep privacy," the actor tells "Entertainment Weekly." "I hope that people wouldn't disagree with me on that."

After the picture was snapped, Gyllenhaal confronted the amateur paparazzo and demanded that the man delete the photograph. Apparently, he complied and Gyllenhaal later laughed off the incident.

Gyllenhaal has had his share of run-ins with actual paparazzi - including allegedly kicking one in the shin and calling the police when his car was followed while out with former girlfriend Taylor Swift.

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