Oscar Winner Bridges Shows He's Forever “The Dude”

Forget about Jeff Bridges wanting to get past his iconic role in "The Big Lebowski" now that he's won an Oscar for "Crazy Heart." Bridges spent his Oscar weekend embracing "The Dude."

"I'm digging the Dude," he beamed backstage at the Oscars. "You know, I love him."

Even though he held a glass of champagne in his hand as opposed to a Dude-like White Russian, Bridges quoted the signature character sincerely during serious questions.

"I've had ups and downs," he laughed backstage about his career. "What does the Dude say? 'Strikes and gutters, man!' "

During the Independent Spirit awards on Friday night, Bridges was equally "Dude-like" even as he continued winning the award hardware.

Holding aloft his statuette for Best Leading Male he referenced "The Dude" from the Indie podium exclaiming a variation of the famous line, “This is really going to tie the room together, baby!"

Now about that stolen rug.

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