@JerryBrownGov Is #Winning

Like everyone else in the media, I'm obsessed with Charlie Sheen's Twitter feed. So today's political news in California boils down to this message, expressed Twitter-style. @JerryBrownGov is #winning.

Brown got a huge boost last week from the state chamber of commerce, which indicated it would support any legislators who voted for his plan to put temporary tax increases. This support, combined with endorsements from LA and Bay Area business groups, may give political license for Republicans who have balked at helping Brown to do just that.

But one caution: Brown hasn't won yet. Legislators have their own reasons to hold out for more concessions from the governor. And it still seems likely that the lawmakers won't agree to temporary tax increases that last five additional years. Two or three years is more likely -- so the Republicans can negotiate again sooner with the governor if he needs more revenues when these tax increases expire.

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