Jesse Eisenberg Bumps Into the Real Mark Zuckerberg on “SNL”

Mr. Eisenberg, meet Mr. Zuckerberg.

That’s what happened last night on "Saturday Night Live" when Academy Award-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg met real-life Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, whom he portrayed in the critically-acclaimed movie "The Social Network."

Eisenberg, who was hosting "SNL," delivered his monologue in which he claimed to be cocky and an expert on women in an effort to discern from his usual shy guy film persona. Then an annoyed fake Zuckerberg, played by Andy Samberg, joined in, calling him out about misrepresentation.

Fake Zuckerberg: “You got nominated for an Academy Award for playing me. What do I get? What do I have to feel good about?”

Eisenberg: “Wasn’t Facebook just valued at like $50 billion?”

Fake Zuckerberg (nodding in agreement): “Oh, that’s right, yeah. Well, good luck at your dinky movie award thing. All hail the Zuck!”

A cutaway shot showed the actual Zuckerberg backstage with show creator Lorne Michaels. "That guy is like my evil twin," Zuckerberg said referring to Eisenberg, "and that’s just Andy Samberg. Those guys are such nerds.”

A few minutes later, the real Mark Zuckerberg appeared with Eisenberg, creating an interesting  moment. Eisenberg told Zuckerberg: “I really liked you on "60 Minutes."” Asked about what he thought of "The Social Network," Zuckerberg responded succinctly: “It was interesting.” But there was no tension or bad blood: the two were acting buddy to buddy at the end of the monologue; in the conclusion of the show, Eisenberg and Zuckerberg shook hands and hugged.

Here’s a rundown on some of the sketches:

On a Nickelodeon program, "Mr. Wizard," Eisenberg played one of the kids on an educational science show who rubbed a balloon on his female partner and vice versa to create static electricity. He played a contestant on the game show "Don’t Forget the Lyrics" and messed up on the words to songs such as “I Love Rock and Roll” and “Celebration.”

The actor also portrayed Igor in a Turner Classic Movie presentation of “Bride of Blackenstein,” a blaxploitation take on “Bride of Frankenstein.” Musical guest Nicki Minaj was involved in the skit playing the aforementioned title character—a creature whose noticeable physical attribute is her derriere.

The SNL Digital Short was “The Creep,” featuring the Lonely Island guys dressed in suits and sported slicked hair and pencil thin mustaches like film director John Waters (who makes a cameo). Minaj also appeared in the video duetting with them.

One of the interesting sketches was a parody of the controversial MTV show “Skins,” of which its sponsors recently pulled their ads from. Eisenberg played one of the kids who talk risque while also hawking products such as the Sweater Dump and Walzer Toyota.

On Weekend Update, the guests included Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak (Fred Armisen), who talked about the turmoil in his country. Also on the segment was film director Tyler Perry (Kenan Thompson), who commented on not getting an Oscar nomination despite the fact that his movies do great at the box office.

Next week’s host for "SNL"  is a homecoming for show alum Dana Carvey with rock band Linkin Park.

Sources:, Saturday Night Live broadcast Jan. 29, 2011.

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