JJ Abrams Teaming Up With “Mother” Director Bong Joon-ho

The geniuses behind "Star Trek" and "Mother" coming together to produce and direct a film? Is it too early to buy tickets?

JJ Abrams went to Korea last year to meet with Bong Joon-ho to discuss a collaboration, according to /Film. If this rumor pans out, and /Film makes clear that's what it is at this point, this project is already shaping up as one of the best movie of 2012.

Abrams is well known to American audiences for films like "Star Trek" and the "Mission Impossible" series, as well as "Lost." And the trailer for "Super 8," his collaboration with Steven Spielberg, has us eagerly awaiting its 2011 release.

Joon-ho's most recent film, "Mother," is a beautifully made murder mystery and his 2006 film "the Host," was a smart and funny critique of U.S. military power disguised as a monster movie. Joon-ho is currently working on an adaptation of the French comic book "Snow Piercer," a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story about survivors on a train headed to an unknown location in a new Ice Age.

Abrams and Joon-ho blending their narrative sensibilities for an American film is a great fit.

Let's just hope notorious cinephile/despot Kim Jong-il doesn't kidnap Joon-ho and force him to share his movie-making secrets.

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