Just Crashed? There’s an App for That

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AAA is one of the best resources for drivers around and they have just added a new resource to their arsenal that comes in the form of a free mobile app that is supposed to be used in the minutes after a driver is involved in a crash.

The "AAA Insurance" app is for the iPhone and iPad and it walks drivers through the post-traffic crash process telling them step by step what to do and who to call.

You don't need to be a customer to download it.

"There are a lot of things to do and information to collect following a collision that can seem overwhelming when combined with the stress of a car crash," said AAA Northern California spokesperson Matt Skryja. "The AAA Insurance app provides step-by-step instructions on what information you should gather, including photos. It also helps you request a tow truck."

Here's the list in case you aren't an app kind of person:

  • Take photos of the crash scene and damage to the vehicles and property
  • Document vehicle models and people involved in the crash
  • Document the location of the crash
  • Identify damage to vehicles by making a few taps on your phone
  • Document witnesses and police report details

The AAA Insurance app is available for free from the iTunes App Store on an iPhone or at www.itunes.com/appstore/. Please visit www.aaa.com/mobile for further details.

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