Lamar Odom: Khloe Kardashian Tamed Me

Lamar Odom famously wed Khloe Kardashian after just one month of dating, but he says he hasn't always been a Prince Charming type.

The Lakers basketball star says in a new interview he used to fear committing to just one woman.

"Being married, that's a responsibility," Odom tells Playboy, per People mag. "I always used to tell that to women. I don't want a girlfriend because that  means I've got a responsibility. Most men like more than one woman."

Odom says meeting "Keeping Up the Kardashians" star Khloe Kardashian changed his M.O.

"With her I was like, 'If I do what I normally do, I'm going to lose her,' " he reportedly says. "And if I lose her, I think it's going to hurt a lot. Right then and there I knew. We were together every day."

Now cameras are going to put the relationship to the test.

The pair, whose wedding in Sept. 2009 was made into an E! special, has landed an eight-episode spin-off on the network.

"Khloe & Lamar," is set to focus on the couple and Khloe’s brother, Rob Kardashian.

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