Cats Enlisted to Curb Rodent Problem at LAPD Barn

There are two new felines on the force in Los Angeles.

A pair of domestic shorthairs is learning the ropes at the LAPD Mounted Facility in Atwater Village, where they’ll monitor the grounds for any unwanted intruders – namely, rats and mice that could chew through wires and make a mess.

“We already have one confirmed apprehension,” Lt. Tony Lomedico, of the Mounted Platoon for LAPD Metro Division, told NBC4 this week.

Rescued by Santa Monica-based Voice for the Animals, the cats were donated to the department. It’s a win-win deal, Lomedico said.

The felines “could’ve met a different type of fate,” he said.

A few months ago, the department’s previous guard cat, Nacho, suddenly vanished and with his disappearance came a return of rodents at the LAPD barn that is home to 26 patrol horses.

Now it’s Will and Harry’s turn to protect the facility. They’re being trained inside for now and being acclimated to the barn. Soon, they’ll be allowed to roam the grounds and get to work.

As for their personalities, they’re still pretty shy. Only time will tell whether Will and Harry are interested in cuddling with their new colleagues, Lomedico said.

Nacho was known to hop on desks, chairs and even into squad cars when he wasn’t tracking down rodents.

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