Lauren Graham Would Get Gilmore Girl-y Again For a Film

Lorelei Gilmore would’ve cut to the chase – albeit in a thousand words and dozens of pop culture references fired off in 30 seconds – so we did, too: is there going to be a “Gilmore Girls” reunion?

“There are always discussions – It's something that I've always been open to,” Lorelei herself, Lauren Graham, tells PopcornBiz, although no definitive plans for a reunion of the beloved CW show – which ended in 2007 after seven seasons – are afoot to her knowledge, despite rumors that resurface every few months.

“I think it's something that if it's done in the right way could be really wonderful,” says Graham. “I email with Amy [Sherman-Palladino, the series creator] and all the cast. I think it's a conversation. It's harder and harder to make a movie anymore, but I think there has been discussion about it.”

“It’s something that I'm proud of, in terms of what it has meant to girls who are now grown up and have had a bonding experience over the show,” Graham adds. “I'm so into the thing that I'm doing in when I'm in it that I don't think about what then happens. Only now do I get all those DVDs and all those reruns, and for me it was 'Laverne & Shirley'. It might be a show that has a little resonance beyond the time that it was actually on. I just love those people. To be on another show, I'm having another really different, but very positive experience, and in this day and age, it's like a blessing.”

The other show is, of course, “Parenthood,” where viewers – and Graham – were recently introduced to her character’s ex, in the form of well-traveled TV dreamboat John Corbett (“Sex and the City,” “United States of Tara”).

“I wondered who was going to play him, my ex-husband and the father of my children, who we've talked about as a drug addict, as a charming guy, as a musician,” says Graham, “and John Corbett is awesome. And even better, I was already a fan and he's such a talented actor and so perfect for this part. I'm so honored that he would do the show and it's just been a really cool conflict to stir everything up.”

She said there was no trick to cultivating her onscreen chemistry with Corbett. “You can't find chemistry, “ she explains. “You just either have it or you don't, and if you don't have it then there are ways to work and be a good actor and stuff. But I think because I was a fan I felt that I knew him. That's always helpful, but then he came so prepared to work on the show. He's so thoughtful and we just really clicked. That's just lucky. So hopefully he'll come back many times.”

Graham says that in two seasons she’s become just as comfortable in Sarah Braverman’s skin as she did in Lorelei’s. “I love the progress that someone who started from such a sad kind of place could only go up in confidence and in achievement,” she says. “This year she's really found her feet in a different way and is standing up for herself. She tried working for her brother. She's still a little bit lost, but I think she's on the verge of something positive. On this show, as in life, it happens in little increments, but there is a lot of movement now, in these last episodes. So that's really fun."

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