Lauren Hutton Hasn't Owned a Television Since 1964

Lauren Hutton makes a welcome return to the screen in "The Joneses," but the iconic model/actress admits she has some gaping holes in her pop-culture knowledge.

"I haven't had a TV since 1964," she said at the press day for "The Joneses."

The legendary actress continued, saying she has "never seen a reality show," not to mention all the episodes of "Brady Bunch," "The A-Team" and both "90210" series.

The comment floored everyone in the room, including co-star David Duchovny who immediately asked, "So you didn't see the moon landing?" That was impressively nimble.

Her response: "We rented a TV back in New York for that."

But Hutton, who plays the top boss in a stealth marketing firm in the movie which opens on Friday, admitted she's a closet TV addict.

"When I turn it on I cannot turn it off. It hypnotizes me, " Hutton said. "And there are so many channels. With the remote I'm afraid I would just sit there like an idiot."

"And I would have lost six or seven hours of my life and I hadn't learned a damn thing," she said.


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