Feds Investigate Video of Law Enforcement Officer Snatching Device From Onlooker's Hands

Federal officials said they were investigating a cellphone video posted on YouTube that shows a law enforcement officer grabbing what appears to be a recording device from the hands of an onlooker and kicking it away as officers worked in South Gate.

The video shows the onlooker pointing what appears to be a small camera or a cellphone at multiple officers standing in front of a home. One of the officers then runs up to her and snatches it from her hands. When the device hits the ground, the officer kicks it away.

The 53-second video was taken by someone else from across the street.

The law enforcement officer is with the U.S. Marshals, South Gate Police Chief Randy Davis confirmed to NBC4. Davis said police officers from the South Gate Police Department were not involved in the incident, which he said took place Sunday.

A U.S. Marshals spokesperson said Tuesday morning the video "is being reviewed."

The incident took place as officers from multiple agencies responded to a report of a biker gang meeting at a bar in South Gate, sources confirmed to NBC News Investigations.

The video was recorded as six arrests were being made nearby. At least one confrontation took place between an officer and an alleged member.

It was unclear whether the onlooker was affiliated with the inviduals being arrested.

The woman can be heard in the video speaking to officers. But it was also unclear if the woman had been ordered to leave the area before the situation escalated.

Officials from both the U.S. Marshals and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said they were investigating the video.

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