Leap Year Babies Get Free Stay

Mammoth has a deal on that's extra sweet for Feb. 29ers.

SPECIAL DATE: Do you know someone with a Feb. 29 birthday? If you do we suspect that you're either a) jealous b) envious c) covetous or d) all of the above. It's just a cool date to write down, and when your birthday does show up every four years? Par. Tay. Plus, the leap year deals that come your way are frankly pretty sweet. You've seen these, yes? Show an ID with a Feb. 29 birthday on Feb. 29 and the things you get tend to be above and beyond a free scoop of ice cream (not knocking a free scoop of ice cream, of course, but we're just saying). Like, for instance, a free hotel room. Mammoth is running that deal in 2012, which just happens to be a Leap Year. Leaplings -- yep, we love that word -- will get a free night at one of four resorts in Mammoth Mountain on their big day.

THE RESORTS: Tamarack Lodge and Resort, Juniper Springs Resort, Mammoth Mountain Inn, and The Village Lodge are all in the mix. You need to reserve in advance -- 800-MAMMOTH is where you start -- and you'll need to show proof of your Feb. 29 birthday, of course, when you arrive. That's a good deal, right? How many scoops of ice cream does one resort room for one night equal? Seventy? Eighty? Yep, non-Feb-29ers are feeling pretty jealous.

AND WHEN WE SAY "LEAP YEAR BABIES"... We obviously don't mean actual bambinos but anyone who can claim a Feb. 29 birthday. That means if you're 90, you've got a room. Or 26. One more quick question, Leaplings: Do you celebrate your birthday on Feb. 28 or March 1 in off years? Just wondering.

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