Lil Wayne's Camp Shoots Down Second Seizure Report

Lil Wayne isn't feeling too hot, but, according to his camp, he didn't have a seizure.

Let alone two seizures.

Thoughts of Rick Ross couldn't help but pass through our heads when it was first reported that Wayne's flight had make an emergency landing in Texas last night because the rapper suffered a seizure onboard. His rep told E! News today, however, that the "Got Money" artist did make an unexpected stop in the Lone Star State, but it was to be treated for a severe migraine and dehydration.

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And now, his camp has informed MTV News that, contrary to a TMZ report, Wayne did not suffer another seizure today, once again aboard an airplane, and was rushed to the hospital upon arrival in Louisiana, where his Texas-to-L.A. flight was supposedly diverted.

According to Weezy's rep, reports of his condition have been exaggerated and the hip-hop star is resting at his home in Louisiana.

In the meantime, Lil Wayne's scheduled Saturday appearance to promote his clothing line TrukFit at the Jefferson Mall in Louisville, Ky., has been canceled.

May he feel better soon!

Celebs are just like us--they have to pass through airport security!

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