Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail

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A Beverly Hills judge threw the book at Lindsay Lohan on Tuesday, sentencing the 24-year-old starlet to 90 days in the clink for violating probation in a 2007 drug case by failing to attend court-ordered alcohol education classes.

Lohan broke into tears as Judge Marsha Revel announced the sentence, which also mandates that Lohan take part in a 90-day inpatient substance-abuse program following her release from behind bars.

Lohan was ordered to surrender July 20 to begin serving her jail term.

Before the judge's ruling, a tearful Lohan addressed the judge, saying, "I am not taking this as a joke. This is my life."

"As far as I knew I was being in compliance with my program. When I would ask to leave town, they would give me permission to leave town. I wasn’t expecting any special treatment, other than the understanding that I have to provide for myself and my schedule is very different," Lohan told the court.

Hours earlier, the judge ruled that prosecutors could not present evidence that Lohan was drinking on the night of the MTV Movie Awards. But after a witness testified that she missed seven alcohol-education classes, she was still eligible for jail time for violating probation.

Prosecutors had hoped to introduce reports from the SCRAM alcohol monitor. Revel said she would not consider the June 7 reading because Lohan was ordered to wear the bracelet as a condition of her bail, not as a condition of her probation in a pair of DUI cases, which was the subject of Tuesday's hearing.

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers told Revel that she believed the reading from the SCRAM device would represent a violation of her probation because Lohan was ordered not to consume alcohol. Representatives of the company that operates the SCRAM device had flown into town to testify at the hearing.

But Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, countered that she was assured by the judge in an earlier hearing that the device was solely a condition of bail, and she was not prepared to cross-examine witnesses or present a defense challenging the SCRAM readings as part of a probation-violation hearing.

Revel agreed with Holley.

"I think in all fairness, you should be able to rely upon, or anyone should be able to rely upon, the word of a judge," Revel said.

Revel said she would only review whether Lohan had attended her once-weekly alcohol-education classes.

"The violation that the court intends to go on is whether or not she followed the court's order in going to the (alcohol education) program once a week," Revel said.

The co-owner of the alcohol-education program, Cheryl Marshall, testified Tuesdsay afternoon that Lohan missed seven required classes.

Lohan arrived for the probation violation hearing at 8:20 a.m. PT at the courthouse in Beverly Hills. The hearing began at about 8:30 a.m., and took its final recess about 3:30 p.m.

Put It in Writing

Lohan's estranged father Michael attended the hearing in the hopes of pleading with the judge not to send his daughter to jail. Michael Lohan arrived at the courthouse just a few minutes before his daughter, but Revel said she would accept a letter instead of hearing from him in court. posted a copy of the letter, which states, "In the event Lindsay is found to be in violation, Michael renews his request that the Court order Lindsay into an inpatient residential drug and alcohol treatment program. We have previously written to the Court
regarding a very private facility in New York -- so private, that the public is unaware that rehab takes place there."

Lohan spent 84 minutes in jail in 2007 after she pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of being under the influence of cocaine and no contest to two counts of driving with a blood-alcohol level above 0.08 percent and one count of reckless driving.

Revel issued a bench warrant last month for Lohan's arrest, then recalled the warrant after bond was posted about one hour later. Then, after Lohan's SCRAM ankle bracelet went off during an MTV Music Awards party, the judge jacked her bail up to $200,000, which she promptly posted.

Lohan also faces several civil cases, including one brought by a woman who claims she was injured when she was in a car chased by Lohan in 2007. Tracie Rice is suing the actress for assault, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress in a case scheduled to go to trial in late July.

Lohan is also being sued by a LA boutique that claims she stiffed it for $17,000 worth of clothing an accessories.

But Lohan's father said he hates the idea of his daughter playing Lovelace in the upcoming film "Inferno." Early word is that the screenplay depicts the late adult movie legend being gang-raped, plied with drugs and abused. Not the best image for a young actress trying to get off the ropes.

"She better not do that Linda Lovelace movie," Lohan said. "Why would any parent want their daughter to do that?"

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