Lindsay Lohan Accepts Plea Deal, Avoids Jail Time

"Mean Girls" star glitter-bombed as she made her way into courthouse

Actress Lindsay Lohan has accepted a last minute plea deal and will spend 90 days in a lockdown rehabilitation facility.

Lawyers in a misdemeanor case against Lohan met with Superior Court Judge James R. Dabney after the actress arrived more than 45 minutes late to the hearing Monday in Los Angeles.

Lohan, 26, entered the courtroom looking slightly disheveled in a cream-colored ensemble with sheer panels at the shoulder and lower leg. She wore a gold cross and white rosary beads around her neck. As she passed photographers on her way into the courthouse with attorney Mark Heller, she was showered with a gold glitter bomb from a bystander..

The troubled star pled no contest to crimes of reckless driving, obstructing officers and lying to police over a traffic incident that occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway in 2012. She will perform 30 days of community labor and must undergo 18 months of psychological counseling. Lohan will receive credit for psychological counseling already completed.

A mandatory 5 days of jail time for reckless driving was folded into the rehab time which can be completed in New York, where the actress now resides. Lohan must submit to drug testing and stay clear of drugs and known drug users.

She was also sentenced to 180 days of jail time for violating probation in connection to a jewelry theft case in  in 2011 where it was alleged she took a $2,500 necklace without permission from an upscale jeweler. The 180 day sentence was stayed and Lohan will not do jail time if she continues to obey all laws.

A pensive Lohan appeared to be on the verge of tears on more than one occasion throughout the proceedings. Once she agreed to all conditions, the judge offered up a "suggestion" for the former Disney star: "Don't drive," Dabney said, before adding that Lohan should take these conditions very seriously.

While avoiding jail time must come as a relief to Lohan, she still faces a charge of misdemeanor assault in the Nov. 29 incident at Club Avenue in New York where it was alleged she struck a woman following a verbal spat.

That case is ongoing, though Lohan's lawyer Mark Heller predicted that there will eventually be no case brought against the actress.

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