Lindsay Lohan Gets a New Look on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”

Lohan wigs out while helping Fallon give a makeover.

Now that she's done playing Elizabeth Taylor, maybe Lindsay Lohan should try out for Blondie.

The actress demonstrated once again just how nice it is when she keeps busy doing normal things--like yukking it up on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," for instance!--rather than make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Lohan donned a platinum wig, shades and the requisite all-white outfit for Fallon's "Let Us Play With Your Look" bit--you know, where he just sings those words over and over in varying degrees of pitch while his celebrity guest fusses with an audience member!

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For her part, Lohan took a few handfuls of mousse and went to town with one lucky guy's hair, eventually fashioning it into a foamy fauxhawk before an exhausted Fallon passed out and she self-consciously made her way off the stage.


Perhaps Fallon was returning the favor after Lohan wouldn't let him dine alone when they ran into each other at a New York restaurant in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

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Either way, it was a good way for her to ease back into the spotlight--the flattering kind, anyway--as she kicks off her press tour for "Liz &Dick," which premieres Nov. 25 on Lifetime.

"I want to say thank you to the great Lindsay Lohan for helping us out!" Fallon said when they returned from commercial. "She's awesome."

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