“Lion King” Cast Surprises Subway Riders

Some unsuspecting New Yorkers were treated to a surprise performance from the megahit Broadway musical "The Lion King" when cast members took over a subway car and sang "Circle of Life." 

The impromptu performance happened on June 28 while the cast was taking a break between shows, though the video was only posted to YouTube on Tuesday by cast member Jamal Lee Harris. 

The video shows the plainclothed actors getting on an A train at 59th Street and busying themselves at first with typical subway activities: reading books, listening to music, scrolling through cellphones.

Then the first telltale notes of "Circle of Life" ring out, and cast members stationed up and down the car join in.

Fellow subway riders initially appear confused and surprised, then delighted before bursting into loud applause and cheers at the end of the song. 

In April, the Australian cast of "The Lion King" put on a similar performance on a flight leaving Brisbane.

Based on the popular Disney film, "The Lion King" is the fifth longest-running show and the highest grossing show in Broadway history, according to The Broadway Box.

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