Livermore Libations Shine at ‘Taste Our Terroir'

Try the vibrant region's vinos over "four delectable days." Oh yes, there's falconry, too.

SOMETIMES A WINE COUNTRY GETAWAY... can be a little light on the tropes, hallmarks, and staples that we seek out from such an experience. Of course, we're looking to be surprised, and we crave some novel moments, but if a day spent among the vines and rolling hills lacks a sense of quintessential-o-sity, we can depart feeling a little depleted. But Taste Our Terroir, "Livermore Valley's premier food and wine affair," has all fo the perfect wine country impressions that we seek out, and probably a few more we didn't know we were looking for, either. Let's start with the fact that there are...

NINE EVENTS, meaning you can dip inot those to-dos that tickle your fancy, while skipping that stuff that might not speak directly to you (though trying such stuff is the stuff of memory-making, of course). The biggie, of course, is the competition that focuses on fabulous pair-ups involving food and wine. That's happening at Casa Real in Pleasanton, and attendees can expect to see, or rather taste, the wine-tastic wares of 17 regional L.V. winemakers, plus the cuisines created by visiting Bay Area chefs. There shall be judges, you bet, but you can also try the pairings, too, to see if you agree.

OTHER HAUTE HAPPENINGS... during the July 25-28 gathering? A behind-the-scenes look at the making of a bubbly classic at Page Mill Winery, a paella dinner at Darcie Kent Vineyards, and a way-cool falconry demonstration at el Sol Winery.

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