Living in Your Parents' Basement: Trendy!

Heard the buzz term "middle-aged boomeranger" yet? Oh, you will. Especially if you're 40, laid off, and forced to move back in with your folks.

The March 2 issue of Time magazine flags an alarming new trend.  Apparently, thanks to the economy having officially gotten drunk at the party, puked on the rug, and fallen asleep under the piano, formerly solvent 30- and 40somethings are moving back in with Mom and Dad because they can no longer afford to pay for their own dwelling. Time calls them middle-aged boomerangers.

"Boomerangers" as a buzzword has been around for a while -- it used to refer to kids who graduated from college and moved back to the parental homestead to smoke weed and aspire to a job at the gas station. No more! Things are so bad, 40-year-old lawyers are moving home. With their spouses and kids! And Time's interview subjects are fairly happy with the living arrangement for the most part -- though they definitely see it as temporary. So take heart, potheads, D&D freaks, and virgins: Living in your parents' basement may yet lose its stigma .

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