LA Air Force Base Reopens After Lockdown

The Los Angeles Air Force Base was locked down for hours on Tuesday after a call about a "suspicious person."

"After conducting a building-to-building search and interviewing witnesses, security was eventually able to identify the individual in question and determine that there was no threat," a spokeswoman for the Air Force said.

The base was reopened Tuesday night. The spokeswoman said the threat was spurred by a person who was wearing a vest while exercising.

A report of a person with a backpack or vest with wires and ammunition magazines sticking out was phoned in to the base about 1:20 p.m., said El Segundo Police Capt. Brian Evanski.

El Segundo police found out about the report an hour later, he said.

The investigation was turned over to the Department of Defense as police searched and cleared the buildings, El Segundo police said.

Officials said in a statement that they locked the base down out of an abundance of caution while authorities searched the buildings.

No one with any weapons was found on the base, police said.

Andrew Blankstein contributed to this report.

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