Los Gatos Apple Store Closes for Repairs

Visitors to downtown Los Gatos may notice a shiny apple missing over the next few days.

The front of the South Bay city's Apple Store is covered with a black drape and no customers are being allowed to entered.

Apple said in a statement that the store is closed while it goes through a minor update.

An official from the Los Gatos Planning Department said that the Cupertino-based technology company is installing an internal security gate.

Plans for the gate were reviewed and approved by the planning department.

Last December a 15-year-old San Jose boy broke into the Los Gatos Apple Store and tried to get away with a bag full of shiny and expensive electronics.

He was caught faster than he could turn an iPhone on.

Neither Apple or the planning department would confirm that the security gate is being installed as a reaction to the attempted burglary.

Workers at the store said it is scheduled to re-open on May 10.

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