Luke Wilson: No Problem Adding to the Middle for “Middle Men” Part

Luke Wilson doesn't make a big deal about needing to gain 25 pounds to play his role in the "Middle Men."

That's because to Wilson it was pretty easy. And actually kind of fun

"It's not like I did a De Niro, obviously," said Wilson. "As you get older if you just stop exercising and don't eat well, in a week you can add 12 pounds."

Wilson needed the extra padding in the middle to effectively play the regular-guy businessman caught up in the insanity of the early-days porn industry in "Middle Men." The look works as does Wilson in this winning performance. While the filmmakers behind the film praised Wilson for his dedication and his performance, he said he just added the food he usually tends to stay away from.

"It was like, 'Great, I'll have pasta, Mexican food and beer,'" he said. "All the things I usually avoid."

The only problem was taking it off. "I'm still working on it," said Wilson.

The actor, who went from the movie to film a national ad campaign for AT&T, has reluctantly realized that at 38 he has to watch what he eats and regularly exercise to keep the weight off.

"As you pass 30 and then 35 things happen," he said. "I thought I might be immune."

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