Macs Gaining More and More Market Share

Steady growth outpaces rest of PC industry.

Apple's Mac platform has grown at an incredibly rate -- on its own and as compared to the rest of the industry.

Mac now has 5.2 percent of the worldwide market, according to Needham & Co. Apple sold 4.89 million units during the recently closed quarter in September -- a growth rate of 24.6 percent from a year ago. Overall, the rest of the market grew 5.3 percent.

Apple's share of worldwide profits was 14 percent, according to The Next Web.

What stood out is the amount of businesses migrating to Apple's Mac platform. Most likely a coattail result of the immense consumer electronic success of Apple products, the company saw a 43.8 percent growth in the recent quarter.

The rest of the market saw ... 4.8 percent growth.

One area Macs fell off was in education, with 2.9 percent growth. The rest of the market saw ... 16.9 percent.

But, given Apple's margins, that enterprise number is huge. It's also being attributed directly to new CEO Tim Cook, who is apparently "easier to work with" than Steve Jobs was.

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