Michele Bachmann Fits California in One Way

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota Congresswoman and GOP presidential candidate known for outrageous statements, hits LA Friday for a speech to the Calfornia Republican Party convention.

Bachmann is likely to be cheered by activists gathering inside the convention.

But her reception in California has been cool. Polls show Californians see her as a non-factor in the presidential race by Californians.

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She is often described, correctly, as outside the state's political mainstream.

But Bachmann fits Calfiornia in one way: her skepticism of the values of vaccinations is widely shared, particularly among people on the opposite end of the political spectrum from the congresswoman.

Bachmann has recently come under criticism for a false and inflammatory statement she made saying that the HPV vaccine for young girls causes mental retardation.

There is not a single case of HPV vaccine causing retardation. But Bachmann keeps repeating this nonsense.

Californians who want to feel smug should first take a look at the state's numbers on vaccinations.

Parents around the state -- but particularly in coastal areas -- are refusing to vaccinate their own children. Non-compliance rates are high enough that diseases such as whooping cough have enjoyed a resurgence in some communities.

This vaccine skepticism is based on the throughly-debunked claim that vaccines cause autism. If you're one of those people who still believe that, you might want to take a look at Bachmann, a presidential candidate who thinks like you do.

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