Madonna Hours Late for Miami Concert

Fans say Material Girl made them wait hours for AmericanAirlines Arena show to begin

It was a late night for Miami Madonna fans who took in her concert at the AmericanAirlines Arena Monday after the Material Girl failed to materialize on stage until hours after the show was scheduled to begin.

Fans said Madonna didn't begin singing until around 11:30 p.m., even though the show was scheduled to begin at 8 p.m.

"We had to wait over three hours to listen to Madonna, and not even an apology or anything. It was horrible," said concertgoer Olga Skretting, who left early. "And the show? Not worth it, not worth the money, not worth our time."

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Several fans said they had to leave the show early, and said many in the crowd booed the singer.

"I waited for three and a half hours and then she got on stage to talk about how she was putting everybody to sleep," said Rachel Levins, who also left early. "It's past our bedtime, we have work tomorrow."

"I think it's disappointing, you got a lot of kids that came with their parents and parents that have babysitters at home and she doesn't apologize," Rich Goodman said. "The music is great but starting 11:30, pretty uncool."

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Fan Jeff Roth said he wasn't too happy, especially after paying a $400 face value for tickets to the show, part of Madonna's MDNA tour.

"I wasn't too happy that I waited three hours to see Madonna, by the time she came on it was 11:15, it was kind of crazy," he said. "I've been to thousands of rock concerts in my life and I've never seen one start more than an hour, even an hour and a half late, in the height of the rock 'n roll era in the 60s and 70s, so this is over the top."

Despite the wait, not everyone was completely disappointed.

"I waited 20 years to see Madonna, I was not happy that I waited almost four hours," Stephanie Goodrich said. "But I'm glad I came, it was worth it, it was worth the wait, she's fantastic, she's ageless. The wait aside, it was a great concert."

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Madonna's second Miami show Tuesday night at the arena is sold out, according to her website.

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