Madonna Inn: Seasonal Celebratory Supping

Do up Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner in the state's sparkliest, goldest, flower-laden-iest dining room.

EXPECTING VISITORS FOR DINNER: If you've ever "done it up" for a holiday get-together, from purchasing twinkly lights to frame the windows to berry-scented candles for the dining table to those little reindeer decorations made out of fancy twigs, you are a person who likes to set the merry mood (if we might be so bold and just come out and state it plainly). But there are places to find that merry mood already fully on display, and then some, all year long. One of the top spots in this state or any other may be found not far from the coast, and right next to the 101, at the Madonna Inn. It is...

ALEX MADONNA'S GOLD RUSH STEAK HOUSE... we unsubtly hint at here, a visual symphony of pink and red and gold and lights and flowers and more flowers and a doll on a swing. Even if you're in there on an April afternoon, the room, with its lines of undulating booths and bright vibe, still rocks a yuletide feel. So it is good to know that you can book Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner in that place, and skip the whole decorating thing back at home (if you long to take a year off).

SO WHAT'S ON THE 2016 MENU? The yum-yum rosters are up for the November and December occasions (as well as a separate one for Christmas Eve) and include Roast Turkey, Baked Honey Cured Ham, Roast Duck, and a bevy of other hearty mains, from Grilled Portabella to Pink Shrimp Dolce Vita (a hue-perfect entree for the setting). A number of pies, including pumpkin, are among the choices, and the famous Pink Champagne Cake may be ordered, too. And, worry not: The pink chocolate is back. If you're searching out an over-the-top setting for a holiday supper, look to the San Luis Obispo landmark, the one with the themed rooms and the famous steakery that's all pink, gold, mirrors, and, yes, the occasional doll.

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