Man Proposes to Miami Marathon Runner at Finish Line

One Miami Marathon runner was met with a shocking surprise at the finish line.

While family and friends cheered from the side lines, the 25,000 Miami Marathon runners focused on making it to the finish line.

And one runner was met with a shocking surprise when she crossed that line.

Rachael Avisrur, who was running with Team Lifeline, found boyfriend Ari Wolf at the end of the race with flowers and an engagement ring in hand.

"I'm like the happiest person ever," Avisrur said. "I thought he was in New York."

Wolf said he chose the Miami Marathon for the proposal because he knew it would be meaningful for Avrisur.

"You only live once," he said. "She supports Chai Lifeline. I knew she was here and wanted to surprise her with something she loves to do."

Team Lifeline is a group of more than 300 runners who pushed cancer survivors and children with chronic illnesses along the race route.

For others running the marathon, the finish line represented pride and perseverance.

Runners from more than 80 countries came into town to participate in the race and held up their nation's colors proudly throughout the route.

Samuel Malakwen of Kenya won the 26.2-mile race in two hours, 19 minutes, and 46 seconds. He said running in the Miami weather was a little challenging.

"I was happy because yesterday I was kind of [thinking], 'Will I be able to run this race?' Because of weather," Malakwen said.

For the second year in a row, Mariska Kramer of the Netherlands was the first woman to cross the finish line. Kramer, however, wasn't happy with her end time.

"I was very slow today," she said. "I didn't have a very good day, I got sick last night and well it's not a good thing to do when you want to run a good marathon."

Athletes with disabilities also participated in both the half and full marathon.

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