Man Sues Facebook for $500,000

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What happens when your favorite social network website locks you out? Why, you sue of course!

That's what Mustafa Fteja of Staten Island is doing. Fteja was locked out of his Facebook account last September. After many failed attempts to get assistance from the company, he's decided to take them to court for $500,000, reports the New York Post.

"You call, they don't answer the phone. You write, they don't reply," he said - leaving him no choice but to go to court to get what he considers his property back.

"I lived in a communist country where people had no rights. This looks the same to me," the Montenegro native said.

"I'm not doing this for money. I'm doing this for justice. I believe there should be some, somewhere," he said.

The lawsuit claims Fteja has spent timeless hours building relationships and creating content, and he is owned compensation for it being taken away from him. He also charges Facebook with religious discrimination, as Fteja is Muslim.

Facebook had no comment.

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