One Day in Oakland Should Embarrass the Feds


The feds don't just have egg on their face this time.

They have blood on their hands.

The federal government insists that marijuana is so dangerous that Californians shouldn't be able to possess it, but that guns are a constitutional right and thus not much of a threat at all.

The madness of this sort of thinking was brought into sharp relief Monday in Oakland.

In one day, the federal authorities raided Oaksterdam University, a school for training people in the marijuana business, and the home of its founder Richard Lee.

Meanwhile, an angry student at a private university in Oakland was using his legally purchased handgun to shoot students. Seven died.

The commentary on these two events has been predictably liberal in the Bay Area. But this time, the comparisons are dead-on.

On both fronts, the federal government is trampling on the democratic wishes of Californians. Majorities support legalized marijuana for medical purposes, and gun control. But we remain subjects of a federal government that has its priorities backward.

The priority should be preventing violence.

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