Marissa Mayer Gave Google Half-Hour Notice

Marissa Mayer left Google in a hurry, only giving the tech company 30 minutes' notice before starting her new job as chief executive officer at Yahoo, a report said Tuesday.
A source "familiar with the details of her dramatic hiring" told Business Insider that she left Google and told her colleagues just 30 minutes before Yahoo announced she was joining its company as CEO. The reason? Yahoo wanted to make sure it kept Google from luring her back with extravagant offers.
Strangely, a new tale has spread across Silicon Valley saying that Mayer is a double agent for Google, Business Insider reported, and this new telling of Mayer's exit may extinguish that flaming gossip. That, and it also seems ridiculous.
Google was attempting to buy Yahoo's ad tech business earlier this year and the deal looked like it would happen -- essentially plundering Yahoo for Google gain -- but then there was Mayer's sudden hiring, and the deal died. It's likely if Yahoo hired the same loser CEOs it usually does, the deal would have gone through, shares would have risen, thousands people would be laid off and Yahoo would be one step closer to death.
The goal of a CEO is not just to raise share prices, but also to grow the company and make it profitable. Mayer seems to be running Yahoo how Google used to be (some say it's because it's familiar to her) but also because Mayer was there in the midst of Google's growth. Perhaps Mayer has a magic formula, or maybe she's just running Yahoo like a good company should be run.
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