Mary J. Blige Eying Role in “Rock of Ages,” Tom Cruise Still Pondering

With her Nina Simone biopic still far out on the horizon, Mary J. Blige has apparently found another film project to keep her busy, a film adaptation of a hair-band musical.

Blige is said to be in talks to take the role of strip club owner Justice Charlier in the big-screen version of "Rock of Ages," based on the Broadway smash hit, according to Vulture.

The role would find Blige belting out such timeless classics as "Harden My Heart," "Shadows of the Night," "Any Way You Want It," " I Wanna Rock" and the epic cheese-fest that is Poison's "Every Rose Has a Thorn."

And if all this isn't toe-curling enough for you, try to imagine Tom Cruise clad in spandex for the role of the villainous Stacee Jaxx, howling the likes of "Sister Christian" and "We Built This City."

For those of us of a certain age, '80s nostalgia is a minefield of horrors that no amount of therapy will deliver us from. But the kids seem to like it.

The film is being co-directed by the show's stage writer, Chris D'Arienze, and Adam Shankman, of "Hairspray" fame.

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