Matthew Fox: I'm Ready for “No. 1 Position” in a Movie

Matthew Fox is envisioning a future at the movies after the conclusion of "Lost," the star told Emmy magazine.

"I think I'm ready to take the No. 1 position on a call sheet on the right kind of film and to play that role," Matthew told the mag. "This is what I love about acting, challenging myself and showing different aspects of myself through characters."

And he said he'll be revealing more than ever as the final season of "Lost" draws to a close.

"The thing that's beautiful about playing Jack is that he's evolving. Certainly in this final year we'll see the biggest and final evolution of this character," he said. "It's been an incredible experience for me."

But the star, who was known for his "Party of Five" run before taking on the role of Dr. Jack Shephard for six seasons of "Lost," admitted that he was a late-comer to acting – and to TV in general.

"My father didn't allow a TV in the house until I was in high school," he said. "It wasn't so much that he was anti-TV as he was pro-reading and stimulating our imaginations."

The star was also asked about the secret of his success with his 18-year-marriage to wife Margherita Ronchi, which has come under fire this week from tabloid claims from stripper Stefani Tablott, who claimed to In Touch that she slept with the actor. Matthew's rep denied the accusations to the mag.

"I really don't have any [advice]," Matthew said in his Emmy magazine interview. "It just feels right. If I were to say I feel proud, it would imply that we've worked so hard to keep this together. But it feels much easier that it's supposed to be. Maybe it's that we fight well, and neither of us are people who hold things in."

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