Melissa Rycroft Comes Down With Swine Flu

Reality star becomes latest celebrity to contract H1N1 flu virus

Reality star Melissa Rycroft has swine flu.

The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader who has appeared on ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “Dancing With the Starstells she’s recovering from H1N1 virus.

"Like most people who become infected, I thought I had a mild case of the common flu, but when my symptoms exacerbated, I immediately went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with H1N1 and given the proper medications to cure the infection," she said.

Rycroft is the latest celebrity to have fallen ill from H1N1, which has been declared a global pandemic.

Harry Potter” actor Rupert Grint, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell and U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan have all contracted the flu virus.

Swine flu has also stricken the presidents of Colombia and Costa Rica.

Rycroft said she’s now learned the importance of getting regular checkups, which she credits to advice given by fiancé Tye Strickland’s mother, a nurse.

"I want to stress to people how easy it is to battle this flu when you take the proper steps such as seeking the care of a doctor," she told Us. "I'm a clear case that by paying diligent attention to your health, it's easy to overcome this illness and be healthy again."

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