MH17 Report: Shocking Details About Final Moments

Investigators who concluded that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was brought down by a Russian-made missile also revealed harrowing details of the final moments of the doomed flight, NBC News reported. 

The 298 passengers and crew had no warning that the flight was about to turn into one of the worst air disasters for almost 20 years, according to investigators. 

There was no mayday call or attempt to maneuver before the warhead exploded less than one yard from the aircraft's cockpit, the Dutch report said. 

The explosion caused the cockpit to instantly separate from the rest of the aircraft but the rest of the plane continued to fly for more than five miles before breaking into further pieces, according to the report. The passengers and remaining crew members would have been exposed to some extreme conditions inside the cabin. Some people suffered "probably fatal" injuries and others would have had little idea what was going on, experiencing "reduced awareness or unconsciousness within a very short time," the report said.

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