Michelle Obama's Popularity Goes Through the Roof

President in shadows of First Lady

Barack who?

The real star of the Obama administration is First Lady Michelle, an ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted late this month revealed.

Americans overwhelmingly supported Michelle Obama in the poll - 76 percent said they had a favorable impression of her, compared to a measly 16 percent who said they disapproved of her thus far into her husband's term.

The First Lady's approval ratings have risen consistently over the past year - she notched a 48 percent tally last June, and the numbers have grown since.

Twenty-nine percent disapproved of her last summer, a number that has been nearly halved.

Michelle Obama has gotten flack recently for attempting to redefine the typical 'First Lady' role that has seen past presidential wives support one or two issues and otherwise keep mum politically. She's juggled multiple issues and platforms, and some critics say she's spreading herself too thin.

The First Lady has also been criticized for her free-wheeling fashion choices, particularly a sleeveless number that had political pundits up in arms about the top's appropriateness.

She's currently on her inaugural trip overseas with the President - the two made their first stop on a European tour this morning in London.

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