Miley Cyrus Spoofs Justin Bieber on “SNL”

On last night’s “Saturday Night Live,” host Miley Cyrus came face-to-face with her doppelganger.

The pop star is a frequent presence in one of SNL’s semi-regular skits called--you guessed it--“The Miley Cyrus Show.” Since the beginning of the season, cast member Vanessa Bayer has portrayed the “Hannah Montana” star who hosts her own talk show with fawning dad Billy Ray Cyrus (played by Jason Sudeikis) as bandleader. Past sketches showed Bayer doing a parody of an overenthusiastic Cyrus barraging her guests with questions about their lives and careers.

On last night’s sketch, Bayer as the fake Miley Cyrus brought in as her guest Justin Bieber, played by the real Miley Cyrus sporting Bieber’s famous haircut.  One interesting moment happened when the fake Cyrus asked the fake Bieber if her talk show is "pretty cool," to which the latter  said: "No, I wouldn't actually say that." That prompted Billy Ray to remark: "It's a Mexican standoff!"

At one point, the fake Cyrus also asked the fake Bieber on whether he spoke Canadian and if he had gone through puberty; she then showed a clip of her own 3-D movie featuring her as a toddler. The real Cyrus seemed to be good-natured about the whole thing and she even sang “The Miley Cyrus Show” theme song as Bieber at the end of the skit.

The real Cyrus also poked fun at herself during her monologue in which she sang a musical number with the refrain of “I'm sorry I’m not perfect”-- she listed her past miscues like the Annie Leibowitz photo shoot and her dancing around a pole. But added that at least she never did things like other celebs' recent mistakes, though she didn't specifically name those famous people.

Cyrus appeared as herself in a commercial for Disney Acting School along with Raven Symone (Kenan Thompson). They offered acting techniques styled for the Disney Channel such as the “pause and dis,” “eating and freezing” and “spying in the doorway.”

Some of other the sketches that Cyrus appeared in included playing a spotlight-stealing Fergie on a talk show hosted by the low-profile members of the Black Eyed Peas. She played Liesl in some unreleased scenes from “The Sound of Music.”  And in a trailer for the movie “Beastly,” Cyrus played the Vanessa Hudgens role opposite Gene Hackman (played by Andy Samberg).

Naturally, Charlie Sheen was the subject of the show’s opening sketch. Played by Bill Hader, the much-talked about celeb hosted his own show called "Duh! Winning!" Guests on that show included recently-fired fashion designer John Galliano (Taran Killam), Lindsay Lohan (also played by Cyrus) and Moammar Gadhafi (Fred Armisen).

Guests on Weekend Update with anchor Seth Meyers included the Devil (Sudeikis), who offered his take on the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the Westboro Church protesters; and Anthony Crispino (Bobby Moynihan), who delivered his “Second Hand News” segment.

The musical act last night was the Strokes.

Guests on next week’s “SNL” will be Zach Galifianakis and singer Jessie J.

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