Missing Girl, 15, Contacts Mom on Facebook: ‘I’m Married’


A missing California girl  contacted her mother via Facebook, saying that she's married, pregnant and living in Mexico.

Alisa Wheeler, 15, of Taft, disappeared last June with an adult boyfriend named Roi, who was already married. Now it appears the man she's married to in Mexico is a different person, a 23-year-old man named "Chino," according to KERO-TV in BakersfieldWhen she first vanished, authorities feared she might be taken to Mexico by Roi and sold into prostitution.

Her mother, Sheri Simonek, and the rest of Wheeler's siblings in the Bakersfield area started seeing a therapist after Wheeler disappeared June 21. Then Simonek received a Facebook message last Friday from what appeared to be her daughter apologizing for disappointing her and that she was now married, pregnant and living in Baja California. Wheeler contacted Simonek twice over the weekend.

"When she, I guess, got down there, he was married and she left," Simonek told the TV station, saying that Wheeler likely latched onto another man to survive in Mexico. "I believe she wants to come home, but she is scared for the man she is with now thinking that he is going to go to jail."

Simonek said she would pay for both newlyweds to move back to Taft and help sort out her new son-in-law's paperwork. Authorities won't intervene because even at 15, Wheeler can be legally married in Mexico, Simonek told KERO-TV.

For those who worry that Wheeler might be coerced into sending Facebook messages, the Facebook page, "MISSING: Alisa Wheeler . . . PLEASE HELP FIND HER!" (reportedly run by a family friend), wrote on Sunday that Wheeler decided to come home.

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